Already more than 35 years in the software business. 35 years in software development, marketing and supporting users in many countries, most with different cultures, and focuses. 35 years in which we distinguished ourselves by innovating silently in various ways the software business. We innovated while filing the Notarius™ trade mark that became used in the legal community throughout the province of Québec. Again we developed an intuitive way of exchanging Intellectual Property Data between IP Firms and their customers using MS-Outlook. This also became, and still is, a must-use way to do business between them and their clients, or no business at all.

Something became clear to me many years ago. As we built a software with so many services(modules), also known as an ERP system for service organizations, I told myself that the amount of data gathered in such systems, will eventually be a gold mine of information.

So when early year 2000, we went through a process of redefining our company image. Then, a brand new tag line was invented. It is still in use as of now. It is located under the company logo and it is: Business Intelligence

Today, this tag line and its meaning has been popularized in many savories. One of the most popular, and one that will be used for a long time to come, is Artificial Intelligence, aka AI.

What is the link between our Business Intelligence tag line and the Popular AI? In my view, there is a powerful relation between these two sentences.

As of today, AI can’t do almost nothing if it has no background data stored in its database. Whether it’s accounting data, people habits, subjects, writing styles or images located in documents or emails, routine tasks performed at regular intervals, and other, generated data has to be stored somewhere by humans.

Entering and manipulating valuable data is time consuming. Entering data after the fact, is also, in my view, less valuable, than data captured immediately in the course of a normal and regular activity.

This is an important key.

This is why our software solution we started to build 35 years ago, can pretend to achieve such a step forward. By capturing data as it happens in the normal course of actions, people are then capturing real valuable data.

This is what our software solution, KmAction™, offers. Built to do real work with real people. Behavior and habits of the organization is captured and saved for further analysis, and used as a knowledge base for Artificial Intelligence services.

Garbage in, Garbage out!

KmAction™ being in the heart of an organization activities, it helps gathering valuable information that will eventually help in turn, plan for the future!

This natural intelligence captured by humans will then be usable by an up to come Artificial Intelligence service used by machines.

This time has arrived.

Gilles Larouche

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